About Us


We are Stephen and Cindy Gage, owners of PickerAlls.

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Our name is a description of our two most favourite things. It refers to picking which is the art and profession of finding antiques, collectibles and unique items for resale. Also, we are avid anglers and one of our prize catches is the Pickerel which is the Canadian name for Walleye. If you don’t find us at yard sales or on the road picking, you will find us on the water fishing.

We have always enjoyed antiques and collectibles and are now living our dream of picking vintage and unusual items.

Our passion is to not only find the items that our clients are looking for but to provide the story of the life of the item. We do the research to ensure that to our best of knowledge that you will receive more than just the item, but the people and the history behind it.

We like to travel to find treasures in unique locations, through connections, yard sales and markets. You would be surprised at what can be found at garage sales when you know where to look.

Our Vision
To meet exciting people and find what unique antique and collectible items they want to have in their lives. Then we use our network of friends to go out and find those items.

Our Mission
To travel to destinations near and far with no particular plan, except to seek out the treasurers that our clients grew to love from their past.